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Hands Of Death demo ep

   In the Summer of 1997, Scott Frank began making noise and sample collages and acoustic songs about necrophilia under the pseudonym "Morpheus". On the 17th of October, Scott invited John Ellis, Jr., aka. Spanky Payne, (then going by the stage name False Einstein, so named for a particularly prided lack of intelligence) to join Morpheus and form a real band. But lets look a little further back.

   For a little over a year, Scott had been playing guitar in a two-person industrial metal act called Caution with vocalist and keyboardist Soulburn. In the summer of 1997, Caution decided to open up to other members. John came in on bass, friend Josh Meighan joined as an additional guitarist, and Kyle L'Esperance was being courted as a possible drummer. We'd practiced a small set and booked ourselves a Battle of the Bands style gig. The night before the gig, Soulburn decided he did not want to do it and dissolved the band. The rest of us decided to start a new band named Flail Chest. After a few months of practice and song writing, we booked a girl's birthday party as our first gig. This was the infamous October 17th set that is considered to be the first Morpheus show. No members of Flail Chest showed up aside from John and Scott. Determined to still carry on, we played our set just guitars, vocals, and bass, with numerous samples and much destruction. That night, angry at everyone else, we ended Flail Chest and Scott invited john into Morpheus.

   While Necrosex is the eldest Morpheus song, Scott having written it prior to John joining, the first song written together was Chastities. Scott wrote the music and the lyrics were scribed together. Chastities was a heavy but slow sexual tribute to a friend, Chasity, who was in possession of rather pleasing endowments. That theme of sexual deviance soon mixed with gothic overtones, destructive tendencies and a strong anti-Christian sentiment to create the original Morpheus sound. Musical styles ranged from angry punk to simple thrash metal and experimental industrial. This sound lasted for the first few Morpheus cassette releases: Systematic Release (1997), Abyss of Lust (1998), and el Niño de Luzbel (1998). Between 1997 and 1999, Morpheus played many small house-party shows for tiny crowds and amassed a reputation for utter destruction, crowd abuse, and pure sadistic fun. Inspired by the ineffable GWAR, Morpheus took stage "slaves." These 'slaves' were fans who would come up on stage and beat each other up while we played. We would also abuse them. They were typically led by a female slave who would go by the stage name 'Dead Angel'. The most memorable incident was when we created a large wooden cross, laid it on the ground, littered broken glass over it and tied a slave down on it. We proceeded to spit and bleed on him. Our stage acts would lead to us being banned from playing all over town and picking up a reputation. Between 1998 and 1999, John dropped his second stage name, Anal Buttfuck, and began going by the moniker he would hold on to for the long term, Spanky Seamen Payne.

   Somewhere in 1999, we picked up drummer Wharg0ul and recorded the final, heaviest and best version of Chastities to date and a thrash punk piece called Fuck You. Eventually, the Wharg0ul moved west and things in the Morpheus camp slowed down.

   A brief lighthearted period followed. Peter "Spaz" Bolster came on board, as did the third Dead Angel, Lucy Skullfukkr. This marked the first and only time a Dead Angel would occupy a musical position in the band, providing additional vocals. Misfits and Blatz covers were added to the set, and a plethora of new material was written. (The most humorous of the new songs was the rambunctious Rape A Canadian, featuring Lucy Skullfukkr on vocals.) The demos from this time are, unfortunately, lost. We didn't record again until 2000.

   The first year of the new millennium was a transitional period for Morpheus. The old sound was left behind, the band was stripped down to only Spanky Payne and Skot Skullfukkr, and we explored grindcore, noise metal, and relentless thrash sounds. A CD-R demo release was recorded featuring the beginning of this direction, and later a three-way split CD-R with CHUNK and Insane Brutal Nonsense solidified it. Between 1999 and 2001, Morpheus passed through so many changes in attitude and sound that it was barely recognizable as the same band anymore. All measure of darkness left the mood of the music, being replaced by chaos and depravity.

   In 2001, John and I picked up an off-and-on former member Peter "Spaz" Bolster to make the rotation (no one had an assigned position; we all switched around) three. We booked ourselves a Battle of the Bands style gig and, the day of the show, Peter had to leave for a family emergency. On the spot, we convinced local kid Ben Bushman to fill the shoes. The set was fun and chaotic. Ben practiced with us a few times but eventually lost interest and faded out. That's where Rob The Dead came in.

   Rob The Dead had been in local thrash/grunge band Twisted Chaos and had some drumming experience. He took the seat and rounded out what would be the definitive Morpheus line up. We wrote a slew of new songs, played loads of local shows and had a lot of fun. Though we did the switching act for most of the time, I began spending the bulk of time on guitar, Rob with drums, and John became a front man. We played the first Punk in the Park mini-festival, organized by The Scams guitarist Mike Wierzbicki (Mikey X). Toward the end of 2001, Morpheus came to a screeching halt.

   Growing personal problems between John and Scott came to a head, resulting in John declaring the band broken up. In the months to follow, John started various side projects with Rob and the denizens of John's house, the infamous 107 Granger. It was in this period that Rob formed Psychotic Assault with Matt O'Brien. Scott played a "More Pee Us" set with a returned Wharg0ul on drums consisting of a Morpheus cover reworked into death metal and a pair of lengthy death metal jams and John joined Psychotic Assault for a time. Scott also began a blackened death metal three-piece called Black Chapel with Peter Bolster and Wharg0ul. Eventually, Wharg0ul moved west again and Black Chapel dissolved. In the summer of 2002, Morpheus reformed just in time to play the second Punk in the Park mini-festival, this time organized by Tommy of Send More Cops. We played many local and backyard shows. Most notable of that year was the Halloween set played in the local parade on a dolly attached to a pickup truck. We were powered by a loud gasoline generator and went crazy.

   This tradition and pattern continued for the next few years. Each year was highlighted by the subsequent Punk in the Park sets (organized one year by Scott and the rest by John) in the summer and the Halloween parade. We recorded You Have The Right To Remain Silent, Green Mountain Scum, and the House Arrest Demos. In 2006, we picked up Broken Mindz bass player Mike O'Holic. Practices and shows became few and far between. Rob and Scott (having recently joined) began putting more time into Psychotic Assault. The Final Nightmare demos were recorded in this time. Tension began to build again and, shortly after a disastrous performance in Gloucester, MA, Morpheus disbanded. And so it rested for 8 years.

   In 2013, Morpheus returned for a brief one show reunion in Chester, VT. In 2015, Morpheus came back full force, this time with the addition of bassist Chris Sanford. New material was written and recorded while shows were terrorized. We shed our skins and began our strongest push forward until the inevitable collapse to once more rest.

Morpheus would like to take a bit of space to thank those who helped us out in some way over the years. First and foremost, I want to thank John and Rob. After that: Whore-God the slave, Dead Angel (all of 'em), Josh Macabre, Jock Itch, Kyle, Lucy Skullfukkr, the whores of Hatezine, Roxanne, Soulburn, Heidi Fallen Angel, Alex Balls, Mike O'Holic, Broken Mindz, Tommy & Send More Cops, Jonee Earthquake and his band, Thorn, Mikey X, The Scams, Forest, Klara Raven, Flowers In The Attic, Josh Larose, all the bands we've played with, all the slaves we've beaten, all the people who've drank with us or blown us, all the groupies and fans we ever had and anyone who ever came to our shows. You made the ride what it was. Thanks.